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Online hub to support HSC students

24 June 2020

The new online HSC Hub will provide students with access to online lessons, practice exams, support material and demonstrations.


The HSC Hub will have a range of curriculum and support materials available online for students. This will include new material from NSW Education, as well as existing resources.

The HSC Hub will also provide centralised support for students, providing them with a quick and easy point of reference for HSC related questions.

HSC students will be able to access the online platform from Week 10 of Term 2, just before the start of the NSW school holidays.

During the school holidays, a range of high-quality, on-demand support modules will be made available to students.

NSW Education will ensure that all HSC students have access to the hub, so no student is disadvantaged. This will include supplying some students with devices and dongles or allowing students in remote areas access to school facilities to get them online.
Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell said HSC students across the state receive incredible support from their schools and teachers.
“We have asked our teachers and principals what else they need to support their HSC students and one of the results is this new hub,” Ms Mitchell said. 

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