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NSW Government News

12th May 2016

Nineteen new councils across Sydney and NSW have begun operation.

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Support for NSW seafood

31st May 2016

Changes to the commercial fishing industry in NSW will ensure the supply of sustainable, locally caught, high quality seafood continues into the future.

Less red tape for small business

30th May 2016

Small business will benefit from a reduction in red tape and duplication under a new pilot program.

Grant helps charities deter dumpers

26th May 2016

Charities can apply for a grant to help them deter dumpers, which will save them millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours.

Glimpse into NSW’s future

26th May 2016

NSW’s economy will be worth $1.3 trillion dollars in 40 years’ time, according to a new report that projects demographic, workforce and housing trends across the state.

Funding for new councils

25th May 2016

New councils in NSW will get up to $15 million in funding to kick-start the delivery of priority infrastructure and services for the local community.