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Premier welcomes agreement from TV networks to air Danny Green ‘Coward Punch’ advertisement

29 January 2014
NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell today announced the major television networks have agreed to air Danny Green’s coward punch advertisement as a community service message.

“Over the past few days, I have been in contact with the heads of the major television networks and they have willingly agreed to join the fight on drug and alcohol-fuelled violence by airing Danny’s advertisement until we get our campaign up and running,” said Mr O’Farrell who was joined by boxing champ Danny Green.

“Following my urgings, the major television networks will add Danny Green’s coward punch advertisement to their rotation of community service messages.

“I thank the television network bosses for joining the campaign so willingly.

“I also thank Danny for producing the advertisement.

“It sends a powerful message about the dangers of coward punches and drug and alcohol-fuelled violence.

“One punch can ruin two lives forever in a matter of seconds.

“As a community, we need to send a very strong signal that it’s unacceptable to go out, get intoxicated, start a fight or throw a coward’s punch.

“This advertisement starts to get across the message that is needed if we are to effect cultural change about binge drinking and the dangers of illicit drug use.

“My government has taken action to address the issue of drug and alcohol-fuelled violence by announcing a range of measures including mandatory sentencing for violent assaults causing death, CBD lockouts, and increased police numbers and powers, but community-wide action is needed if we are to affect lasting change.

“The message in this advertisement will be backed up by my government’s community awareness and media campaign to address the culture of binge drinking and the associated drug and alcohol related violence,” Mr O’Farrell said.

Television stations confirmed include Seven Network, Nine Network, Network Ten, Prime Television, WIN Corporation, Foxtel, and SBS.

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