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Rescue a pet in need this Christmas

30 November 2020

Families thinking about welcoming a new pet cat or dog into their home this Christmas are being encouraged to ‘adopt not shop’.

A large increase in new pets during the COVID-19 pandemic has put additional pressure on NSW council pounds.

The NSW Government is offering a 50% discount on lifetime pet registration fees for people who rescue an animal in need of a home. 

People who are considering a new pet are encouraged to visit a council pound, an RSPCA shelter or one of the many approved rehoming organisations.

Adopting rather than shopping for a pet will reduce the burden on pounds and help to lower euthanasia rates.

Before adopting, you should consider the ongoing responsibility and commitment required to care for a pet dog or cat. Make sure that you or the person you are buying a pet for can meet the long-term cost and care requirements of the animal.

The NSW Government will also give $6 million to the Companion Animals Fund in 2020-21. The fund pays for companion animal management by local councils – including pounds and shelters, ranger services, dog recreation areas, and education and awareness programs.

The lifetime cat registration fee has also been reduced by $10 this year to encourage higher registration rates and the adoption of desexed cats from pounds and shelters.

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