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The review of police oversight in NSW begins

22 May 2015
The Review of Police Oversight in NSW will create a streamlined police oversight system, keeping police accountable and allowing them to perform their jobs.
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The NSW Government has appointed Mr Andrew Tink AM to review the system of police oversight in NSW. Mr Tink is seeking written submissions on the Terms of Reference at for the review.

The purpose of police oversight is to prevent, detect and investigate corruption and misconduct by police officers and provide accountability for the exercise of police powers. The current system for doing this is out–dated, complex, and confusing with overlapping responsibilities amongst agencies.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Justice, Mr Troy Grant said that currently there are no less than seven agencies, which have some form of police oversight function.

"Policing is one of the most difficult and confronting jobs and police decisions and actions can have life–changing consequences for the community and officers involved.

"The community and police need to have confidence in a strong, effective system that upholds the highest standards of behaviour and integrity, while allowing police to get on with the job," Mr Grant said.

Mr Tink is to recommend a transparent model for police oversight by August 31, 2015. The review will not cover individual complaint matters.

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