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Revised CBD and South East Light Rail proposal promises improved service

Published: 3 December 2014
Improvements to the CBD and South East Light Rail project promise greater capacity, improved traffic flow and fewer overhead wires.

The Connecting Sydney consortium was awarded the contract to design, construct, operate and maintain the new CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) line in October. Since then, the contractor has proposed a number of improvements to the project plan that promise a better service for customers.

The proposed improvements include:

  • longer vehicles that will accommodate 50% more passengers in each direction
  • modern light rail technology that will use a powered third rail and remove the need for overhead wires in the CBD
  • removal of the planned World Square stop
  • amended design for the Grosvenor Street stop
  • realignment of the light rail and stops along Alison Road and flood mitigation changes at Centennial Park
  • reduction or relocation of substations
  • realignment of light rail at the Anzac Parade/Alison Road intersection
  • minor adjustment of height of the Randwick stabling facility.

The proposed modifications to the approved CSELR project will be placed on public exhibition between 3 December and 17 December.

Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian said the NSW Government “is getting on with job of delivering this important project and ensuring Sydney can enjoy the benefits of light rail as soon as possible”.

She added, “This is great news for transport customers and will ensure the new light rail network can support Sydney’s growing economy and population for decades to come”.

“The extension of the Inner West Light Rail showed us just how popular light rail is with our customers”.

More information will be available at the Department of Planning and Environment’s website and at

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