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Road Rules Awareness Week 2019 to focus on speeding, fatigue and drink driving

8 April 2019
The NSW Government is helping drivers, pedestrians, motorbike riders, passengers and cyclists to refresh their knowledge of NSW road rules during Road Rules Awareness Week.
flashing lights on a school zone speed limit sign

Between 8 and 14 April 2019, the NSW Road Safety Facebook page will host quizzes, a live chat and other content explaining the most misunderstood road rules.

The main focus will be on the three biggest killers: speeding, fatigue and drink driving.

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said the government wants to put a stop to fatalities and trauma suffered when people disregard, or aren’t aware of, the road rules.

“We know human error is a huge factor in crashes so it’s important all road users understand the rules, obey the signs and remain vigilant. We all need to work together towards achieving a road toll of zero,” Mr Constance said.

Speeding remains the greatest cause of death and injury on NSW roads. Thirty-nine per cent of the 354 road fatalities last year were speed related and 71 per cent of those in country areas.

“People may consider themselves good drivers but knowing the road rules such as who has right of way at an intersection, and what different signs and traffic signals mean is an important part of road safety,” Mr Constance said.

Ask your question about NSW road rules on the NSW Road Safety Facebook page

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