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Speed App Could Save Young Lives

7 February 2014
New, free 'Speed Advisor' app set to help improve road safety around NSW schools.
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Roads Minister Duncan Gay has announced the release of the NSW Government’s new free Speed Adviser app, designed to alert motorists entering 40 km/h school zones.

The move to develop the app has come from concerns about the visibility of active school zone speed limit signage across the State. Minister Gay said it was the only app with information on every school zone in NSW, and informs motorists they are approaching an operational school zone with a speed limit of 40 km/h. The app also alerts drivers to speed limit changes and issues a warning to drivers if they exceed the speed limit – repeating the warning until the legal limit is complied with.

Mr Gay spoke positively about how the new technology could help NSW motorists comply with speed regulations, saying: "Motorists can set it before they leave home or work and it will provide audio alerts. There is no need to interact with the app at all while driving, in line with laws applying to mobile phones and GPS devices".

Mr Gay also warned the app does not replace the need for good judgement and vigilance, which all drivers must exercise. He promised the technology would evolve over time, and encouraged feedback from users.

‘Speed Adviser’ is available to download for free on your iPhone and is available from the App Store now.

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