Three national parks receive more land

Published: 27 Sep 2016

To boost public space and bush, Western Sydney Parklands plus Heathcote, Blue Mountains and Lane Cove National Parks have gained 35 hectares of land.

The extra land is worth $14 million and includes:

  • 10 parcels of land comprising 20.09 hectares to the city’s Western Sydney Parklands.
  • 65 parcels of land comprising nearly 15 hectares to the Blue Mountains, Lane Cove and Heathcote National Parks.

The extra parklands’ land means Western Sydney locals will enjoy more recreational and public facilities like sports grounds, picnic areas, bushland, and cycling and walking tracks.

Planning Minister Pru Goward said the NSW Government would continue to progressively add to the parklands by purchasing other privately owned land.

The properties being transferred to the 3 national parks (worth around $5.65 million) will enable the National Parks and Wildlife division to manage the parks with a high level of environmental integrity.

Heathcote National Park’s extra 6.5 hectares were purchased from private owners and government agencies.

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