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Wear Orange Wednesday supporting SES volunteers

11 November 2014
Wear Orange Wednesday is a chance for everyone to show their support for Australia’s State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers.
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WOW Day (12 November) is a national day of recognition for the 40,000 SES volunteers across Australia. You can show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication by wearing orange - the official colour of the SES uniform.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Stuart Ayres said by wearing “a bit of orange” at work or at school, we can all show our support for our SES volunteers.

“These are the people we turn to in times of need with flood rescue, tarping roofs, clearing fallen trees, community education, operational logistics and much more”, Mr Ayres said.

He added, “We only saw last month the vicious wrath of Mother Nature, with severe storms lashing NSW, and it’s the men and women of the NSW SES who were working around the clock in atrocious conditions ensuring the safety and welfare of others”.

“These are people who give up their own time to look out for their communities”.

The NSW SES has around 10,000 male and female volunteers, ranging from 18 to 30 years of age. SES volunteers come from all walks of life and devote a significant amount of time to training and developing the skills to carry out their duties.

“Be it a tie, socks or a shirt, pull out some orange clothes tomorrow and let’s get behind our volunteers,” Mr Ayres said.

If you are interested in joining the NSW SES, visit the NSW SES website or call 1800 201 000.

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