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20 December 2016
New features on this website will help you find information that’s most useful to you.
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The NSW Government website has a brand new look and comes with handy new features.

Information that’s relevant to you

Set your location when you first visit the website and you'll see information from this area, such as:

  • the number of Have Your Say public consultations near you
  • your nearest Service NSW service centre, including waiting time
  • local hospitals, schools and NSW public service job vacancies - all available on the homepage
  • news from the NSW Government about issues that affect your area
  • events that are happening in your region
  • contact details for your local MP and regional contact

To see information tailored to your region, simply click on Set your location at the top of your screen.

Find your way around government services

Looking for NSW Government information or a government service? The new Your Services section will point you in the right direction.

You can browse for services by needs or by topic.

Have Your Say

Have Your Say lists community consultations run by the NSW Government.

While browsing this website, you'll find links to consultations that are currently open for feedback.

If there's a local or statewide project or government policy that you're passionate about, share your views about how it affects you and your local community.

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