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Boat owners and Commercial Charter Vessels

Information for general boat owners and Commercial Charter Vessel operators about arrangements and restrictions on entering Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve 2020.


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Boats will be permitted on Sydney Harbour to watch the midnight fireworks display.

Owners and operators should be aware of the

All skippers need to observe these special traffic management measures as well as general boating safety guidelines, so everyone can enjoy their time afloat.

COVID-19 restrictions

NSW Health advice for recreational boating

  • We recommend that you only have people from your own household on board.
  • If you do invite other households, we recommend that you limit it to one other household.

Under public health orders, the ‘occupier of premises’ includes the operator of a vehicle or vessel.

For boat owners, this means the number of people you can have on your boat is restricted as follows.

Northern Beaches

For the northern area of the Northern Beaches

  • You can go out on a boat for recreation purposes, but no more than 5 people from the northern area are permitted on the boat.
  • You must stay in the northern area.
  • Northern area residents can participate in outdoor recreation, including boating, in Pittwater.

View a map of the northern area.

For the remainder (southern area) of the Northern Beaches

  • You can go out on a boat for recreation purposes, but no more than 10 people from the southern area are permitted on the boat.
  • You must stay in the southern area.

View a map of the southern area.

People who live outside the Northern Beaches cannot enter Pittwater by boat unless they have an essential reason.

Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong

View a list of suburbs included in Greater Sydney area.

Other areas of NSW

On your vessel, you can have 25 people or one person per 2 square metres, whichever is the greater.


Time Requirements
3pm to 2am 6 Knots – Minimum Wash
11pm to 12:45am Exclusion zone active
12am Midnight fireworks (barge and bridge firings)


  • No anchoring with any part of vessel across the exclusion zone boundary or within 200m of submarine cables or pipelines.
  • Anchor early and well before sunset.
  • Don’t arrive late and try to push in near the exclusion zone boundary buoys.
  • After sunset, display the appropriate navigation lights.

Commercial charter vessels

Commercial charter vessels can apply for approval to enter the Managed Access Areas.

Only approved vessels will be granted access into the Managed Access Area as defined by the Department of Premier and Cabinet and Transport for NSW Maritime.

Commercial Charter Vessels can apply through the form.

Apply now

Map of Sydney Harbour event areas for New Year's Eve

Sydney Harbour map NYE 2020

Download the map of Sydney Harbour Event Areas for New Year's Eve (PDF, 398 KB)

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