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Using digital platforms to drive accountability

How digital platforms will deliver end-to-end quality assurance for customers, suppliers and builders.

Construct NSW is leading the development of digital platforms that will drive the building sector from paper-based recordkeeping into a streamlined digital environment. This will help to improve transparency, accountability and the quality of work within the sector.

The platforms will help customers and government agencies to

  • find relevant information easily and simply online
  • improve communications between the government, building sector and the community. 

Digital platforms

NSW Planning Portal

NSW Planning Portal (known as ePlanning) is an industry-wide electronic platform that is making it easier for customers to understand, engage and interact with the planning system in NSW. The Planning Portal will capture declared regulatory information throughout a building’s lifecycle, from planning approvals through to construction and finally occupation of the building.

Strata Portal

The Strata Portal will provide a single source of information for strata schemes, as well as providing strata owners and managers access to ‘as built’ designs for their apartment buildings including a digital version of the building manual. Behind the scenes, we will be digitising and consolidating our legacy systems to provide easy access to information to customers through the Strata Portal.

Single View of Buildings

An internal platform providing a ‘single view’ of individual building sites by merging data from different inspectors and regulators. This allows enhanced intelligence, more effective data sharing and better allocation of resources for targeted and proactive compliance action, resulting in more effective regulation of the construction sector.

Multi-Party Risk Rating Tools (MPRRTs)

MPRRTs will rate builders, certifiers and developers based on the quality of their previous projects and provide powerful insights into the trustworthiness of the key players delivering apartments in NSW. This market intelligence will be available to the regulator. It will also be available to project financiers, insurers and client advisers. MPRRTs will be market-led.

Building Assurance Solution

The end goal is the development of a multi-jurisdictional Building Assurance Solution (BAS) as a risk mitigation tool that will calculate a trustworthy index for individual buildings.

This will consist of a register of immutable certificates from the aggregated materials to individuals who have contributed to the design, construction and maintenance of a building.

It will be the single source of truth, containing all a building’s certificates on a common platform that will go with the building forever, and be available to future owners and maintainers.

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