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NSW Government Brand Guidelines

Our brand helps to communicate the work of the NSW Government. Use these guidelines to ensure our brand is consistently applied across media and communication channels.

When you're creating NSW Government communication, it's important that you refer to and apply the branding guidelines to ensure a unified and consistent brand.

Read more about our brand purpose.

Our brand purpose

We stand together to build a stronger, brighter future. One which our state and its people deserve.

Driven by shared values, the NSW Government strives to promote and enable the collective common good. We aim to listen and learn from the communities we serve, pursuing the best outcomes and creating opportunities that benefit all.

While we are many departments, agencies and individuals, together we are focused on making a real and positive difference. Whether for today, or tomorrow, big or small, the changes we make and the work we do must always be done for the people, well-being, and wealth of our state.


If you have any questions about the guidelines contact the NSW Government Brand Team at the Department of Customer Service.

Recent updates

NSW Government Brand Guidelines are now HTML

The NSW Government Brand Guidelines (May 2020) PDF has been converted to HTML to improve accessibility of the guidelines.


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