Have Your Say: step-by-step guide

If you are preparing a NSW Government project or initiative for public consultation, find out how to publish information on the website.

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All NSW Government consultations must be listed on Have Your Say

As per the Premier's Memorandum, NSW Government departments and agencies are required to list any public consultation that they are conducting on the central portal, Have Your Say.

Public consultations for comment

The Have Your Say portal is a centralised hub for all NSW Government public consultations currently open for comment and submissions.

It provides access to information about public consultations on government plans to improve services, the economy and infrastructure in NSW.

Members of the public and organisations can:

  • find out about topics of interest
  • be informed about activities in their local area
  • share their views and ideas by making a submission. 

The publishing process

Request access

If your NSW Government department or agency is conducting public consultation for an upcoming project or initiative:

  • you must work for the NSW Government and have a @nsw.gov.au email account
  • send your request for access to upload a public consultation to the Department of Customer Service Digital Channels team. 

Once your account has been verified and approved, you will be able to create a consultation on the nsw.gov.au website.

Follow the instructions to upload a consultation

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Have Your Say editor guide to upload your consultation, including consultation locations, dates and times.

NSW Government Digital Channels will:

  • review the consultation that you have uploaded
  • contact you to resolve any questions

Download the Have Your Say consultation editor guide

Contact us

If you are a NSW Government employee and need help or information about uploading content to the Have Your Say portal, contact the Digital Channels support team at the Department of Customer Service.

Please note: The Digital Channels will endeavour to publish your consultation within two business days of receiving your content. If your consultation must be published to the Have Your Say website on a nominated date, please send an email to Digital Channels no later than two business days in advance.

Get help with your consultation

The Department of Customer Service partners with agencies across the NSW government to deliver online consultations using a secure, mobile-friendly digital engagement platform in accordance with best practice standards.  
Our team of experts will help you design surveys, edit content and advise on the best tools to use to engage your customers and achieve your consultation objectives.  
Working with our engagement team, you will be able to: 

  • achieve a great response rate; the platform’s average engagement rate is 35-40% 
  • reach a greater number of customers  
  • use variety of consultation tools and widgets (including quick polls, ideas boards, surveys, newsfeed and interactive maps) to make it easier for customers to have their say 
  • access real-time reporting and analytics 
  • benefit from the support of targeted promotions through various communication channels 
  • receive a wide range of insights to deliver initiatives, programs and policies that are customer-centric and of great value to the community.  

Take a look at the following case studies to understand what the engagement platform offers: 

To partner with us, email the Customer, Delivery and Transformation team at the Department of Customer Service.

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