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Increase the number of government services where citizens of NSW only need to "Tell Us Once" by 2023. 

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Why is this important?

The NSW Government is committed to improving the customer experience for all kinds of services. Our aim with Government Made Easy is to ensure that customers only need to tell us once and don’t need to repeat information about themselves or their circumstances over and over.

This means you can choose to tell us once about you, when things change or when you need help. We want to make sure that you receive high-quality, integrated services as seamlessly as possible. 

How are we tracking?

The target to deliver 60 "Tell Us Once" services was achieved in June 2022. These service improvements are projected to result in an aggregate time saving of over 200 years for customers over a 5-year period. A whole-of-government partnership approach has resulted in time savings occurring in over 5.3 million unique interactions and across all 10 government clusters.

We continue to work to support customers in times of crisis, as well as with everyday transactions. In the same way we have revolutionised customer service through Service NSW, we are delivering improvements to your experience of schools, hospitals and social services, when things change and when you need help. 

Download the Government made easy data information sheet (PDF 206.26KB)

What are we doing? 

The Department of Customer Service drives work on this Premier's Priority. This includes:

  • developing common, re-usable technical components that support a joined-up experience of government services
  • designing services to be more empathetic, effective, anticipate needs, easy, secure, and effortless for customers
  • embedding reusable Government Made Easy features by default for all future services to increase consistency 
  • providing customers with control and preferences to choose how they want to interact with or share their information with the NSW Government and where they can engage in a faster, smarter, and more seamless ways. 

These are some of the services delivered where you now only have to tell us once: 


About you

Reuse personal information across transactions

When things change

Update details with multiple agencies in one step

When you need help

Move seamlessly between if needs are more complex

  • Parent vouchers
  • Stay NSW vouchers
  • First Lap learn to swim voucher
  • Government Made Easy Customer Sharing Centre
  • Digital Seniors Card
  • ID Support
  • Westmead Antenatal Clinic
  • Transport Lost Property System

Tell us once ‘about you’ – Active Kids vouchers

Active Kids was implemented to encourage participation of school-enrolled children in sport and physical activity by providing parents with vouchers to help cover the cost of registration and membership fees. Under the program, families can access 2 x $100 vouchers for each school-enrolled child.

The vouchers are simple and easy to use, with customers able to apply for them via the Service NSW app. The app is seamless, contactless and safe and makes life easier for customers and businesses.

The program saves time for individual customers applying for vouchers, and for businesses registering to participate, when choosing to pre-fill details in their application. To date over $441 million worth of Active Kids vouchers have been redeemed. 

Tell us once ‘when things change’ – Australian Death Notification Services

When things change unexpectedly, such as the death of a loved one it is vital that customer care is our highest priority. The Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS) lets people notify government and non-government organisations that someone has died, through one simple, secure online platform, reducing the number of difficult conversations. This aims to alleviate as much of the administrative stress as possible at this particularly challenging and painful time.

The service was launched in June 2020 and helps reduce the burden and complexities of the death administration process. It enables users to notify multiple organisations of a death in as little as 8 minutes and in 5 simple steps. The ADNS has over 80 partnering organisations from financial, superannuation, insurance, utility, telecommunication, government and not-for-profit sectors. 

As of 27 September 2022, the ADNS has a reach of over 150,000 people. It has been used by more than 14,400 customers and sent over 67,000 notifications to partner organisations, saving over 50,200 hours of valuable customer time on administrative tasks.

Tell us once ‘when you need help’ – ID Support NSW

Victims of identity crime will no longer be required to retell their story to multiple government agencies in order to restore the security of their affected NSW Government credentials.

ID Support was launched in December 2021 to make it easier for people to access help if their NSW Government proof of identity credentials are stolen or fraudulently used. It will be the front door for customers affected by identity crime, providing a streamlined approach for restoring the security of their identity. The service can also connect customers with additional support such as counselling services. 

Customers will have a single place to notify multiple organisations about their identity theft, saving them significant time and effort.

What can you do?  

While the target has now been achieved, we remain focused on improving government services. Please let us know if you have to repeat your information or story to get the services that you need.

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