Delivering a reliable energy system

Reliable and affordable energy is a top priority for NSW. Energy markets are transforming and the NSW Government is anticipating and responding to the challenges that this transformation will bring.

We are trialling new approaches, keeping energy costs down and working towards stable national policy. Our future electricity needs will be met by a smart portfolio of energy sources.

To ensure the NSW electricity system remains secure and reliable, the NSW Government established the NSW Energy Security Taskforce in 2017 to assess risks to the resilience and security of the system. The taskforce confirmed that NSW is well placed to deal with reliability and security risks.

We will continue to monitor work by the national Council of Australian Governments Energy Council on integrated grid planning, to ensure state-based transmission and reliability standards are consistent with the national framework administered by the Australian Energy Regulator.

To help bring more gas supply online in the right places, and place downward pressure on prices, we have developed a Strategic Release Framework for Coal and Petroleum Exploration.

We will monitor emerging energy delivery models and new energy technologies to inform future policy and regulatory responses.

Key actions

  • Continue to support efficient private investment in generation capacity that helps keep costs down for consumers
  • Accelerate the development of national and state regulations for consumer protection, and safety requirements for new energy technologies
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