Investing in our health system

The NSW public health system is the largest in Australia. NSW residents currently have access to health facilities valued at $22 billion, including 230 public hospitals and 226 ambulance stations.

We are committed to delivering a world-class health system to keep up with the challenges of the future as well as protect and improve the health and wellbeing of the people of NSW.

The NSW Government is upgrading hospitals and health services so that our health system can provide for our rapidly growing and ageing population, while taking advantage of innovative ways to deliver healthcare priorities.

NSW Health will develop a 20-year strategy for future investment, building on its existing 10-year Capital Infrastructure Strategic Plan and the eHealth Strategy for NSW Health 2016–2026. The new strategy will include:

  • analysis of emerging technologies
  • investigation of sites for future health facilities
  • information on the role of NSW Health in future models of care
  • further investment in ambulatory rehabilitation and mental health clinics
  • options for innovative procurement models.

Providing world-class patient care relies not only on traditional capital works but also smart infrastructure.

The NSW Government will continue to invest and explore eHealth initiatives that transform our ability to deliver better and safer clinical care for patients, no matter where they live.

The NSW Government recognises the importance of integrated and patient-centred care as chronic lifestyle diseases increase. The wider built environment – beyond health facilities – can help improve our community’s health and wellbeing. The government supports opportunities for preventative healthcare infrastructure, such as future investments in projects that encourage active transport and environments that encourage community interaction.

Key Actions

  • Develop a 20-year Health Infrastructure Strategy
  • Continue investing in health infrastructure
  • Continue the delivery of the eHealth Strategy for NSW Health 2016–2026, including integrated digital patient records and a whole-of-system digital platform. We will also periodically refresh the strategy to ensure it keeps pace with advancements in technology
  • Increase investment in walking and cycling infrastructure, parks and open spaces
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