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The 2021-2022 NSW Budget focuses on kick starting the economy.

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NSW State budget

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Reinvigorating our economy

This year’s budget will elevate, innovate and reinvigorate our economy, and help the people of NSW move forward and enjoy their lives, whilst we continue to safeguard the health of the community.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key measures.

Cost of living

Up to 70 rebates and savings will be available through Service NSW. This adds more than $6 billion (2021-22) in new and existing cost-of-living measures to reduce everyday living costs and encourage involvement in activities to support development and community connection. 

Find out more about Savings Finder


For the school year 2022, approximately two days of free preschool per week will be provided to all eligible preschool children, as part of a $150 million Start Strong Free Preschool program.

Learn about the brighter beginnings initiative


A further $1.1 billion goes into keeping NSW COVID-safe, as part of a $30.2 billion health budget.

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A $108.5 billion pipeline of infrastructure is planned in NSW across the four years to 2024-25.

Visit Infrastructure NSW

Electric vehicles

To support the take up of electric vehicles, the budget rolls out a package of $489.5 million of incentives.

Read more in the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy.


$200 million over four years will secure future major events and rejuvenate the visitor economy, promoting NSW as the premier state to visit and do business.

Events in NSW

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