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State budget

The 2020-2021 NSW Budget focuses on job-creation through temporary stimulus measures to kick-start our jobs recovery.

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Building on the initial COVID-19 crisis response, this Budget sets out the NSW Government’s commitment of $29 billion to ensure a post-pandemic recovery.

It focuses on new stimulus measures to kick-start the economy and create jobs, while laying foundations for sustained growth and reform, including:

  • $107.1 billion infrastructure pipeline
  • less red tape and a $2.4 billion cut in payroll tax
  • quality services for everyone in NSW
  • deepening our industrial capacity, and supporting strong local industry with a global outlook.

The NSW Government will seek feedback from the public on a possible transition away from the current transfer duty and land tax system.

NSW state budget

Economic recovery and reform

Building a better NSW

The 2020-2021 Budget will continue to invest in an infrastructure program that builds a better NSW, with a record infrastructure pipeline of $107.1 billion to ensure the delivery of projects across the State, including vital infrastructure in Health, Education and Transport.

The record $107.1 billion pipeline is estimated to generate 145,000 jobs directly or indirectly each year.

Investing in our people and their future: education, skills and jobs

The NSW Government is committed to supporting people on every step of the career ladder, from school leavers to working parents and job seekers who are looking to retrain or upskill.

Delivering quality services for the people of NSW

The NSW Government’s core mission is to deliver services that the people of NSW rely on every day to a world class standard. This Budget will deliver with new investment to make services easier than ever to access.

Making it easier to run a business

The NSW Government will continue to support our local businesses impacted by COVID-19 with policies to make it easier to run a business – so they can re-build, attract investment and create jobs for the future.

Strong local industry, big global outlook: a focus on trade and investment

As countries around the world have gone back into lockdown, the pandemic offers an opportunity to

  • showcase the advantages of living and working in NSW
  • attract investment and
  • develop global partnerships which strengthen the State’s economy and create jobs for the future.

Economic reform for lasting prosperity

To build upon the success of changes introduced during COVID-19, this Budget includes an ambitious reform agenda to ensure prosperity for future generations.


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