Digital passes make entering NSW national parks easier

Visitors can now buy a digital pass for annual entry to NSW national parks, making entry faster, easier and hassle-free.




The people of NSW love the great outdoors. Whether they discovered a new love for bushwalking during the recent lockdowns, or are seasoned explorers, NSW customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying the state’s natural splendour. There are now more than 60 million visits to the 890 national parks and reserves across NSW every year.  

Managing the increase in visitors 

To manage the growing number of visitors, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) introduced a digital pass for annual or concession entry to national parks. Visitors purchase a pass online before they arrive, making entry faster, easier and hassle-free. This reduces entry point congestion, as well as queues at ticket machines and visitor centres. It also addresses confusion about payment processes and allows for visitor-specific and priority safety notifications in real-time. 

New digital passes improve the visitor experience 

The new, user-friendly digital annual passes mean no more waiting for a windscreen sticker to arrive in the mail to display on vehicles. Customers can start using their pass straight away. Like a car registration or motorway toll pass, the annual parks pass is linked to a vehicle number plate and recognised in the NPWS system.  

Online pass renewal

Renewing an annual pass online or changing details is now much easier – no need for customers to phone or visit a park to do this.


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