Preschool access boosted in remote regions

The Preschool Drive Subsidy pilot is available to families in remote areas who have children enrolled in a participating early childhood education service.



Children across remote areas of NSW have dealt with flood, bushfires and the pandemic over the past 5 years. Early childhood education provides an element of stability during uncertain times and also sets children up for improved lifelong educational, social and economic outcomes.

However, for people who live in rural NSW, often the logistics of attending the local preschool puts them at a disadvantage before their formal learning has even started. Families living in remote areas of Western NSW will have financial relief when it comes to transporting their children to preschool due to the Preschool Drive Subsidy pilot, which offsets part of the transport costs of driving children to preschool.

Easing the financial burden

Eligible families can claim up to 70 cents per kilometre via car and 35 cents per kilometre via boat or motorbike at participating preschools where there is limited or no public transport. For the pilot, claims are capped at a maximum distance of 50 kilometres in each direction between the home and the preschool. Attendance is also capped at 86 days each year.

Ensuring the best start for kids

With the aim of offsetting part of the transport costs of driving children to preschool, the pilot will save remote families thousands of dollars each year.

The Preschool Drive Subsidy pilot will operate through 2022 and preliminary evaluation data will be available at the end of the year.


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