Enabling greater independence for customers with disability

The Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme makes it easier for customers with disability to get around and go about their daily lives.



of total taxi fare subsidised to a maximum of $60.

For NSW customers living with disability, independence is extremely important. Whether it is a trip to the supermarket, commuting to work, catching up with friends, or a day out with the family, getting around isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to using public transport.

Making transport easier

The Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) was introduced to help customers with disability go about their daily lives by making it easier to get around. Eligible customers receive subsidised travel by taxi at half fare (up to a maximum of $60) and they pay the remainder. This used to be a manual process requiring passengers to fill in paper dockets with trip details every time. Taxi drivers then manually processed the payments.

TTSS is now digital

The introduction of the TTSS Smartcard has transformed the process for both passengers and taxi drivers, enabling the subsidy to be processed electronically. A simple tap and go smartcard means customers can leave the taxi quicker at the end of their ride.

The smartcard is easy to carry, includes a photo for added security and indicates if the passenger travels in a standard or wheelchair accessible taxi. It also includes accessible features that allow vision impaired customers to easily identify their card.


Transport Taxi Subsidy Scheme

Learn more about the how we are working towards achieving an inclusive society. NSW Disability Inclusion Plan 2021-2025.


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