A glimpse into Capability and Engagement activities for nsw.gov.au

The nsw.gov.au Capability & Engagement (C&E) team has two key responsibilities: to support digital capability development for NSW Government digital and communications practitioners and engage stakeholders through the rollout of the nsw.gov.au Program. 


According to the Public Service Commission (PSC), digital capability is more than being able to use the latest technology and software. It’s about providing the right support and training to ensure a benchmarked level of competence across our workforce. In a 2019 study of digital maturity across the NSW Government sector, the PSC found there were varying levels of digital capability across the sector, and a strong demand to improve digital skills. We’re playing a part by developing and running training that meets this demand. 

We are developing the Digital Capability Curriculum to support the uplift in digital capability across the NSW Government sector. Through a range of online and offline learning methods, we’ll help NSW Government employees gain skills to address the needs of their users, think creatively, and, of course, use common digital tools. The Digital Capability Curriculum will begin rolling out in November 2020.


Our engagement strategy outlines our approach to two-way engagement with our NSW Government stakeholders. We’re committed to keeping agencies updated on the project's progress, even before their content is marked for consolidation.  

We do this through: 

  • communicating our project wins, learnings and milestones  
  • communicating available training and resources to develop and benchmark capability  
  • trialling new communication mediums. 

Some of the communications channels used to achieve these objectives include:  

  • regular email updates (sign up here!) 
  • this blog 
  • showcase events  
  • our Learning Management System.

We also support agency change management activities when websites are consolidated into nsw.gov.au. We provide the program information and context so that change management messaging is delivered to the right people, at the right time.  

Why capability and engagement?  

We see both capability development and stakeholder engagement as critical to the success of nsw.gov.au. By supporting digital and communications practitioners in developing their skills, customers of the NSW Government will benefit from consistent, high quality digital service delivery. The strong relationships we build across the sector will create opportunities for sharing ideas, creative problem solving and better results. We aim to provide ongoing support, learning opportunities and updates to continue to support teams in delivering the best outcome for the nsw.gov.au program. 

Is learning part of your performance plan? What do you think is an effective way of engaging stakeholders? We would love to hear from you. Post your comments, thoughts and feedback below. 

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