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The roadmap

The roadmap outlines what we plan to deliver on


The OneCX objectives guide our decision making as we plan and prioritise the program, the features we develop, and the technology we build.

  1. Create a unified, customer-centric and innovative digital experience of NSW Government websites.
  2. Generate cost savings for the NSW Government through de-duplication of functionality, content production, platform hosting, website maintenance and other operational costs.

The roadmap

We structure the roadmap to show what we are working on now, what we plan to do next and what we plan to do further down the track.

Find out what we've achieved so far in OneCX including milestones and launches.


  • Content
    • COVID-19
    • young people
  • Features
    • navigation, including search
    • information architecture
    • blogs

  • migrate Resilience NSW into
  • migrate Emergency Management into

  • migration processes
  • 24/7 CMS support
  • secure storage for PII and webform data.


  • Content
  • Features
    • a centralised portal for media releases
    • a reusable template for events.

  • migrate some customer-facing content from Roads and Maritime Services.

  • DevOps processes
  • a framework for mapping and spatial data
  • a framework for API orchestration.

Suggest a roadmap feature

Get in touch to suggest a feature idea or migrate a website.


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