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Website ecosystem

Together, NSW Government websites support citizens and businesses in all aspects of their lives and work, by providing relevant, easy-to-access information and services.

Current state shows information on cluster websites. In future state, information is on

As OneCX progresses, there will be fewer individual websites centred around the structure of government. Instead, digital information, services and transactions will be organised by customer-centred topics on:

  • the central NSW Government website for information,
  • the Service NSW website for service and transactions,

In some cases, information or agencies that meet criteria to remain independent of these 2 websites may maintain a separate digital presence.

The publishing decision tree guides agencies through questions about the audience, purpose and nature of the content to determine where it might be published within the NSW Government website ecosystem.

Role of

The purpose of is to inform and guide the customers of NSW.

Primary objectives

The primary objectives of are to:

  • provide a customer-centric experience with easy access to information and services
  • provide information and utility for customers to easily engage with government
  • enhance the relationship between the government and the community, providing transparency and clarity on important and everyday issues
  • work towards unifying all government information on one platform.

Core content provides content and information that supports the user to:

  • locate information and advice regarding government services and activities
  • exercise rights and responsibilities as a citizen e.g. access services, meet reporting requirements
  • meet obligations as a citizen or business operator
  • comply with legal requirements
  • find answers to common questions e.g. school term dates
  • understand the requirements and steps necessary to complete a transaction or service
  • make contact or engage with the right part of government when required
  • locate information required by legislation, whether statutory, mandatory or obligatory.

Role of

The purpose of is to transact and guide by:

  • unifying all NSW government services and transactions on one platform
  • facilitating digital service-based transactions with the government, such as paying a bill, applying for a rebate or reporting a change.

Independent websites

The publishing decision tree has identified some agencies or content types that could be independent or exempt from OneCX. However, these agencies are welcome to consolidate content into the central websites if they choose to.

Exemption criteria is subject to change as the strategy evolves to meet the needs of customers.

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