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Pacific highway upgrade Woolgoolga to Ballina

The Pacific Highway between Hexham and the Queensland border is being upgraded to four lanes, to reduce travel time and improve safety for road users.

Bridge over Clarence River


Upgrading the Pacific Highway and carrying out safety improvements to the existing highway have brought major improvements to road conditions. Fatal crashes on the Pacific Highway have been halved since the upgrade began in 1996.

Woolgoolga to Ballina is the final section of the Pacific Highway to be upgraded. Introducing a four lane, divided road to the final stretch of highway between Woolgoolga and Ballina will:

  • improve safety and reduce crash rates
  • reduce the travel distance by 13 kilometres
  • reduce travel time by 25 minutes
  • decrease the risk of flood in local communities.

All of this helps customers spend more time with family and ensures greater connections between communities, services and opportunities.

What customers are saying

In 2018, 22 customers were fitted with special equipment and asked to drive a section of the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade. The customers were interviewed afterwards to achieve a better understanding of how drivers perceived and interacted with the variable speed limit signs and yellow line marking.

Customers said it was easy to see the change of speed limits, and the yellow line markings increased awareness of areas where drivers should slow down. Overall, drivers preferred the yellow over the white line marking, due to its greater visibility. Drivers' speed and lane position were not negatively influenced by the yellow line marking.

Throughout 2019, the NSW Government invites customers who drive from Woolgoolga to Ballina to share their experience.

Provide your feedback via a five minute survey

How the project is tracking

Already 82 kilometres of the 155 kilometre project are open to traffic between Woolgoolga and Ballina.

The remaining sections are expected to be completed in 2020, after which time the entire Pacific Highway from Hexham to the Queensland border will be divided road.

Learn more about the Pacific Highway upgrade

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Pacific Highway Upgrade

The Australian and NSW governments have been jointly funding the Pacific Highway upgrade to provide a four lane divided road from Hexham to the Queensland border. Upgrading started in 1996 and 2020 has been identified as the targeted completion.
 Pacific Highway Upgrade, Ballina bypass aerial view northern section

Connecting people and places

The NSW Government is delivering the largest transport infrastructure program Australia has ever seen: $41.4 billion of investment over the next four years for major projects.
The Sea Cliff Bridge in the northern Illawarra region of NSW
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