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Bumping up education results for children

Increase the proportion of public school students in the top two NAPLAN bands (or equivalent) for literacy and numeracy by 15 per cent by 2023, including through statewide roll out of Bump It Up. 

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Why is this important?

We are committed to lifting literacy and numeracy standards across NSW public schools to ensure students are given every opportunity to be their best.

A focus on literacy and numeracy skills helps to unlock children’s academic potential at school, improving their overall academic outcomes and increasing the likelihood they will attain tertiary qualifications.

Achieving this Premier’s Priority will mean at least an additional 18,700 students with improved literacy skills and 13,500 students with improved numeracy skills.

How are we tracking?

This is an ambitious target to lift academic performance at public schools.



NSW is already one of the top three performers for the proportion of students (public and independent) in the top two NAPLAN bands. Achieving this Premier’s Priority will make NSW the number one state in the country (excluding the Australian Capital Territory).

Bumping Up Education
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