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Increase the number of government services where citizens of NSW only need to "Tell Us Once" by 2023. 

Customer inside a service NSW centre

Why is this important?

The NSW Government is committed to improving the customer experience for all kinds of services. Our aim with Government Made Easy is to ensure that customers only need to tell us once when providing their details across a broad range of services, rather than having to repeat the same information over and over. This means you can choose to tell us once about you, when things change or when you need help. We want to make sure that you receive high-quality services as seamlessly as possible. 

How are we tracking?

We work to support customers in times of crisis, as well as with everyday transactions. In the same way we have revolutionised customer service through Service NSW, we are delivering improvements to your experience of schools, hospitals and social services, no matter who you are or what you need.  

We have already delivered 25 transactions where customers only have to tell us once and are on track to deliver 60 by 2023. 

Download the Government made easy data information sheet (PDF, 153.9 KB)

What are we doing? 

These are some of the services where you now only have to tell us once: 

  • Active Kids 
  • Creative Kids 
  • Energy Switch 
  • Seniors Energy Rebate 
  • Regional Seniors Transport Card 
  • Bushfire Customer Care 
  • Energy Empowering Homes Program 
  • Applying for a public housing lease
  • Mobility parking scheme
  • Support for students with disability
  • Notifying of the death of a loved one.

Australian Death Notification Service 

During the difficult time after the death of someone close, customers may need to contact many different service providers individually to notify them of the death. This requires multiple visits to a physical office and the completion of numerous forms. 

In collaboration with Births, Deaths and Marriages registries across the country, the Department of Customer Service has developed the Australian Death Notification Service. This service allows subscribed organisations across Australia to be notified of a death in a single step, online. Customers can begin the death administration process earlier, without physical visits or repeating the same information several times over.  

Digital Tenancy Leases & MyHousing App 

Customers who need to access social housing can find the experience time consuming and difficult, including the need to submit paper-based forms. Some customers are in vulnerable circumstances, suffering from financial hardship, disability or requiring other special assistance. 

Now, with Digital Tenancy Leases developed by the Department of Communities and Justice, customers can enter into social housing leases digitally, with key details prepopulated into electronic documents. As a result of the time saved, staff can focus more on customers with complex needs and conducting home visits. 

Using the MyHousing App, customers can conveniently submit a Housing Assistance and Rental Subsidy application, track an application’s progress, obtain personalised information about their tenancy, update their contact details, and more, without having to call or visit a physical location. 

What can you do?  

Let us know if you have to repeat your information or story to get the services that you need.

Contact us via email: 

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