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Government made easy

Increase the number of government services where citizens of NSW only need to "Tell Us Once" by 2023. 

Customer inside a service NSW centre

Why is this important?

In NSW, more than 40 million transactions are performed by the government for customers each year.  We know that consumers and businesses expect continuous service improvements from government in the same way they do from any service provider.

 This is why we are enhancing the way the NSW government interacts with customers – saving citizens time, improving the customer experience and making it easy to access services no matter where you are located in NSW.

Our aim with “Tell Us Once” is to ensure that citizens will only need to provide key details and information once across a broad range of transactions, rather than providing the same information over and over.

How are we tracking?

The newly established Customer Service Cluster will use technology and data to better integrate government services and massively improve the quality and level of services available.  In the same way we have revolutionised customer service through Service NSW, where citizens can now conduct more than 850 transactions in one place, we will now focus on making it easier for citizens to interact with government by increasing the number of services that are truly ‘Tell Us Once’.

Government Made Easy
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