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Increase the number of government services where citizens of NSW only need to "Tell Us Once" by 2023. 

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Why is this important?

The NSW Government is committed to improving the customer experience for all kinds of services. Our aim with Government Made Easy is to ensure that customers only need to tell us once and don’t need to repeat information about themselves or their circumstances over and over.

This means you can choose to tell us once about you, when things change or when you need help. We want to make sure that you receive high-quality, integrated services as seamlessly as possible. 

How are we tracking?

We work to support customers in times of crisis, as well as with everyday transactions. In the same way we have revolutionised customer service through Service NSW, we are delivering improvements to your experience of schools, hospitals and social services, no matter who you are or what you need. 

As of September 2021, we had delivered 46 service improvements where customers only need to tell us once and are on track to deliver 60 by June 2023.  This includes NSW Government better supporting businesses and individuals through COVID 19, including making it easier to apply for Government grants. 


Download the Government made easy data information sheet (PDF 206.26KB)

What are we doing? 

The Department of Customer Service drives work on this priority. This includes:

  • developing common, re-usable technical components that support a joined-up experience of government services
  • engagement across the NSW Government sector to create seamless customer journeys that cut across silos

These are some of the services delivered where you now only have to tell us once: 


About you

Reuse personal information across transactions

When things change

Update details with multiple agencies in one step

When you need help

Move seamlessly between if needs are more complex

  •  COVID Grants
  • Bushfire Recovery Grants
  • Dine and Discover vouchers
  • Active Kids and Creative Kids
  • Australian death notification service
  • Change of address notification service
  • Support for students with disability
  • Bushfire, Covid and Floods Customer Care
  • Victim Register referrals

Tell us once ‘about you’ - Dine & Discover vouchers NSW

Dine & Discover NSW was implemented to encourage the community to support local dining, arts and recreation businesses. NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 4 x $25 vouchers, worth $100 in total.

The vouchers are simple and easy to use, with customers able to spend them via the Service NSW app. The app is seamless, contactless and safe and makes life easier for customers and businesses.

It saves time for individual customers applying for vouchers, and for businesses registering to participate, when choosing to pre-fill details in their application. The feature reaches 3.5 million individuals and 125,000 businesses. To date over $250 million worth of Dine and Discover vouchers have been redeemed. 

Tell us once ‘when things change’ - Australian Death Notification Services

When things change unexpectedly, such as the death of a loved one it is vital that customer care is our highest priority. The Australian Death Notification Service lets people notify government and non-government organisations that someone has died, through one simple, secure online platform, reducing the number of difficult conversations. This aims to alleviate as much of the administrative stress as possible at this particularly challenging and painful time.

The service was launched in June 2020, and helps customers navigate the complexities of the death administration process within 8 minutes and in just 5 simple steps. It reduces waiting periods and helps cut costs on administration fees. We currently have 42 service partners, including banks and telecommunication providers. A broad range of private, Federal, State and Local Government agencies are progressively being onboarded.

As of 7 October 2021, the Australian Death Notification Service has a reach of over 45,000 people. It has been used by more than 5,000 customers and sent over 20,000 notifications to partner organisations, saving over 15,000 hours of valuable customer time on administrative tasks.

Tell us Once ‘when you need help’ – Victims Register referral service

Adult victims of crime across NSW are no longer required to retell their story in order to be notified of important information and situations regarding the offender’s circumstances, including parole considerations and releases. 
Each year, over 400 customers who are victims of crime apply to the Corrective Services NSW Victims Register, and it will now be easier for eligible victims to access critical and timely information as soon as its available as well as support greater opportunity for customer peace of mind.
To date, the application process often required proof of identity and repeating of information making it difficult and burdensome at times for victims. By implementing a ‘Tell Us Once’ solution, victims are now assisted by Witness Assistant Officers who can directly refer customers to the Victims Register, removing the need for customers to repeat sensitive information and increasing awareness of the service while enabling safer and informed communities.
By making these improvements to the Victims Register application process, we can help victims to go about their lives feeling more supported and protected. This opt in referral service is now available across metropolitan Sydney, with regional areas to follow shortly.  

What can you do?  

Let us know if you have to repeat your information or story to get the services that you need.

Contact us via email: 

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