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Improving service levels in hospitals

100 per cent of all triage category 1, 95 per cent of triage category 2 and 85 per cent of triage category 3 patients commencing treatment on time by 2023. 

Busy Hospital Scene

Why is this important?

Each year, more than 1.35 million patients present with life-threatening or emergency conditions and require immediate or urgent treatment.

Timely access to emergency services in a patient’s most urgent and critical time of need improves health outcomes for patients and alleviates stress and anxiety for families and carers. Despite the growing number of people accessing emergency departments (ED) NSW is the top performing state in Australia in terms of the timeliness of emergency care, but we can do more. This priority will support the health system to improve this critical emergency service.

How are we tracking?

Performance has remained stable for the last few years. There has been no change to performance in triage categories 1 and 3, with category 2 seeing a slight decline. This priority will focus on maintaining the performance of triage category 1, whilst lifting the performance of triage categories 2 and 3.


Improving Service Hospitals
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