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Increasing the number of Aboriginal young people reaching their learning potential

Increase the proportion of Aboriginal students attaining year 12 by 50 per cent by 2023, while maintaining their cultural identity.

Aboriginal students learning in a classroom

Why is this important?

Working towards Aboriginal students attaining their final school qualifications at the same rate as non-Aboriginal students is an important part of fostering equality of opportunity for Aboriginal people. Recent studies show a clear link between completion of year 12 and positive future employment or educational outcomes.  

Increasing the proportion of Aboriginal students attaining their Higher School Certificate (HSC) by 50 per cent means that 1200 additional Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students will attain their HSC by 2023. To achieve this, it is imperative we work with Aboriginal communities, and accompany curriculum with language and culture to ensure young people maintain their cultural identity.

Engaging and including Aboriginal families and communities is essential to achieving the priority.

How are we tracking?

Baseline performance shows 46 per cent of Aboriginal students attained their HSC which equates to 2100 students. In the same year, 76 per cent of non-Aboriginal students attained their HSC.


Increasing Educational Attainment
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