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Protecting our most vulnerable children

Decrease the proportion of children and young people re-reported at risk of significant harm by 20 per cent by 2023.

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Why is this important?

Children and young people deserve to be protected from abuse and neglect, and have the best possible start in life. Once a child has been reported at ‘risk of significant harm’, the child protection system works with that family to create change and a more stable home for the child. Focusing on how many of these children are subsequently re-reported at ‘risk of significant harm’, tells us if what we are doing to protect children is working to create sustainable change, and that these children are living in stable homes.  

Achieving this Premier’s Priority will result in 20 per cent fewer children and young people re-reported back into the child protection system by 2023.

How are we tracking?

This is an ambitious target to reduce children and young people re-reported at risk of significant harm. 

The proportion of the children re-reported was previously rising, reaching as high as 41.5 per cent. Since 2016, the proportion of children re-reported has trended lower, falling to 36.5 per cent for the 2017 group of children. 

The aim of this Premier’s Priority is to continue the good work underway, ensuring improvement in the lives of vulnerable children and their families.

Data is shown by reporting year (i.e. the year after the case plan was closed)


Protecting vulnerable children
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