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Reducing domestic violence reoffending

Reduce the number of domestic violence reoffenders by 25 per cent by 2023.

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Why is this important?

One woman is killed every week, on average, by domestic violence in Australia. 

Reoffending is when a person charged with a domestic violence assault is then charged with a second domestic violence assault within 12 months. It is more likely to happen soon after the initial abuse, so it’s critical we respond to it as quickly as possible.

By focusing on reoffenders we are helping to reduce domestic violence in NSW, achieving positive outcomes for victims and their families. Based on the current cohort, achieving a 25 per cent reduction in domestic violence reoffenders will mean approximately 450 fewer reoffenders each year.

How are we tracking?

After a period of increasing, the number of DV reoffenders has decreased for two consecutive years. In 2015 (baseline) DV assault charges were commenced against 1814 DV assault offenders who had a previous DV assault charge in the last 12 months. 


Reducing domestic violence reoffending is a Premier's Priority
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