Customer Satisfaction Index

We measure consumer and business satisfaction on an annual basis.


The private sector is driving modernisation of services using new and emerging technologies. Customers of any service provider expect continuous improvement and government is no exception.

Customers interact with government services daily. Interactions include driving on roads, catching the train, visiting a museum, or sending children to school. 

It is important that government services are accessible to all and easy to use.

One of the Premier’s Priorities is to improve customer satisfaction with key government services every year. 

What are we doing

NSW Government agencies are listening to their customers and are working to put customer feedback into action by:

  • providing customers with a simple online tool, Feedback Assist, to give feedback directly to government
  • simplifying processes, improving access to information, and enhancing staff capability
  • sharing best-practice between agencies to make customer satisfaction central to service delivery.

The NSW Government is prepared to meet and exceed customer service expectations.

How are we tracking

The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey measures customer and business satisfaction on an annual basis. The survey captures feedback on 23 NSW Government services.

In 2018, the customer satisfaction index increased by 2.2 points and the business satisfaction index increased by 1.6 points since the 2015 baseline. 

In scope services

The survey measures 23 different NSW Government services to provide an overall view of customer satisfaction. 

The full list of services is below. 

  1. Agriculture advice and funding services
  2. Ambulance services
  3. Art galleries and museums
  4. Business advisory services
  5. Car and boat registration
  6. Child protection services
  7. Consumer affairs (Fair Trading)
  8. Courts
  9. Disability services
  10. Documentation services
  11. Environment and wildlife protection
  12. Fire brigades
  13. Major roads
  14. NSW Police
  15. NSW State Emergency Services
  16. Prisons
  17. Public hospitals
  18. Public housing
  19. Public schools
  20. Public transport
  21. Services for older people
  22. TAFE
  23. Water supply
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