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Easy to do Business

The Easy to do Business program provides free, personalised support to make it faster for people to establish and grow their small business.


Starting a small business isn't simple. Business owners have to jump through a lot of hoops. 

For example, people wanting to open a café, restaurant or small bar may need to comply with up to 63 regulations and deal with up to 15 government agencies. 

What we are doing 

The Easy to do Business program makes it faster and easier for people to establish and grow their business.  

Business Concierge helps small business owners to: 

  • submit high-quality and decision-ready licences and permits to councils and agencies 

  • register a business 

  • connect with support and advisory networks. 

The service is available to cafes, restaurants, small bars, clothing retail businesses, printing services, road freight businesses, trades and builders.  


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How we are tracking 

The Easy to do Business program cuts the time it takes to set up a café, restaurant or small bar. Cafes open up to 2 months faster,  restaurants up to 4 months faster and small bars up to 6 months faster. 

For this program, Service NSW was a finalist in Australian Digital Transformation Agency’s 2019 Digital Awards in the category ‘Outstanding digital methodology or approach’, and in the ACS Digital Disruptors Awards.

Customer Service Commission

The Customer Service Commission supports programs including Easy to do Business by helping agencies understand customer needs and providing expert advice on implementation.

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