Through the FuelCheck app or website, motorists can get real-time information about fuel prices at every service station across NSW. 


Fuel prices are influenced by several factors, including the value of the Australian dollar compared to the US dollar, competition, and pricing by wholesalers and retailers.

In the Australian metropolitan petrol market, prices are typically higher from Wednesday afternoon to Friday evening and lower on Tuesdays and Wednesday morning.

Reacting to price movements and taking advantage of price cycles takes time and effort.

What we are doing 

The NSW Government is helping ease the cost of living with more than 70 rebates and savings. 

The days of filling up a car and then finding a cheaper fuel price down the road are over.  

FuelCheck lets motorists search for the cheapest fuel by location, price, fuel type or brand.  

How we are tracking 

The online NSW FuelCheck tool had 600,000 downloads and over 9 million website hits to 30 June 2019. 

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