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We have a bold plan on how we will continue to innovate. We are encouraging and influencing research and development, planning for the skills of the future and ensuring NSW is a home for entrepreneurs.




The NSW Government wants to:

  • be better equipped to tackle complex economic, environmental and social challenges
  • stimulate economic activity
  • drive shared prosperity for the people of NSW.

What are we doing

After extensive consultation, we launched the 2016 NSW Government Innovation Strategy. The strategy provides a framework to boost innovation in NSW. 

We are looking to the future and where we need to focus next. Our 2020 strategy will be released soon. 

How are we tracking

Below are some of our key achievements to date. 

Government as an innovation leader

Government is playing a key role in creating an enabling environment for innovation.

Strategies, policies and frameworks

  • The Beyond Digital strategy represents a bold vision for ICT reform and cultural change within the NSW Government.  
  • The Infrastructure Data Management Framework (IDMF) is helping NSW Government to implement better information and data practices and make better decisions at all stages of the infrastructure asset life cycle. 
  • The Internet of Things Policy is helping NSW Government agencies to design, plan and implement solutions involving physical devices that connect to internet (for example, wearables, vehicles, home appliances and medical technologies). 
  • Simple procurement guidelines on buy.NSW are making regulators and regulation more responsive to customer requirements. 

Projects and initiatives

  • The Data Analytics Centre is generating insights on complex issues facing the people of NSW, and collaborating with the private sector and research institutions to resolve these issues. 
  • The Digital Driver Licence makes it easy for people to access a digital version of their driver licence.
  • The Digital Restart Fund will guide and accelerate whole-of-government digital transformation. 
  • The Digital Twin of NSW is a real-world model of our cities and communities. Government, developers and residents are using this platform to plan, develop, assess and manage infrastructure, public spaces, homes, and community facilities. 
  • The Innovation and Productivity Council is advising the NSW Government on priorities for innovation-led economic development and productivity. 
  • The NSW Innovation Concierge is helping innovators and entrepreneurs access NSW Government. 
  • Regulatory Sandboxes are improving the competitiveness of doing business in NSW. 
  • The Western Sydney Aerotropolis is delivering new jobs, homes, infrastructure and services in the heart of Western Sydney. 
  • The $12.5 million ANSTO Nuclear Science and Technology Hub will provide the first nuclear science and technology incubator in the world, and assisting more scientists, students, start-ups and industries in NSW.

Fostering and leveraging research and development

Investment in research and development is generating the new knowledge required to create or improve products, services and processes.

  • The $18 million Boosting Business Tech Voucher Scheme is providing start-ups and small businesses with access to high-tech equipment and technical researchers. 
  • The $15 million Research Attraction and Acceleration Program is encouraging and supporting high-impact research.
  • Through the Waratah Research Network, NSW Government is working with public universities to solve complex problems. 

Skills for the future

40% of today’s jobs will not exist in 10 to 15 years, and 60% of the best jobs in the next 10 years have yet to be invented. 

  • NSW Future Skills is increasing participation in STEM subjects and supporting students to study Asian languages.

  • Generation STEM is delivering programs that attract diverse students to STEM educational pathways.

  • The Jobs for the Future Strategy is delivering initiatives for meeting the skills needed for tomorrow.

  • We invested $190 million over four years in Jobs for NSW, a private-sector led initiative that is providing financial support to start-ups and small to medium enterprises to grow new jobs. 

A home for entrepreneurs

NSW is leading the way as Australia’s largest exporter of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services, and holds the country’s largest concentration of ICT professionals.

Almost half of all Australian technology startups are based in Sydney, as are the regional headquarters of world-leading ICT multinationals.

  • The Annual Ag Tech Innovation Gateway offers start-ups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their agricultural technology products.
  • The GATE is a collaborative research and tech facility designed to cultivate and develop agricultural technology ideas. 
  • Minimum Viable Product Grants are enabling promising start-ups to progress from a proof of concept to minimal viable productSydney Start-up Hub is connecting industry, start-ups and government
  • Sponsored by NSW Government, the 2-week Spark Festival  is Australia’s largest event for start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • The NSW Government is a proud sponsor of CEBIT Australia, the largest and longest running business to business technology exhibition and conference. 

What are we doing next

Below are a selection of projects and initiatives that will help NSW to remains Australia’s economic and innovation powerhouse.

  1. The Future Economy Breakfast series will explore emerging technologies and connect professionals across the start-up, business and public sectors. 
  2. Pitch to Pilot is an avenue for start-ups to pitch their product to key government decision makers. 
  3. The Western Sydney Co-Working Startup Hub will provide subsidised and affordable work spaces and programs for businesses and start-ups. 
  4. The $470 million M4 Smart Motorway will utilise real-time information, communication and smart traffic management systems that work together to smooth the flow of traffic, ease congestion, efficiently manage incidents and improve road safety.

  5. A $95 million trial of digital parking and clearways signage aims to remove any confusion for drivers by reducing and simplifying signage. 

  6. The NSW AI Strategy will set out the NSW Government’s vision for AI and help improve the public sector’s ability to use AI solutions to improve customer services.

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