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Refugee resettlement - how would you like to assist?

The conflicts occurring in Syria and Iraq have resulted in one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time. NSW remains ready and willing to do more than our fair share to assist the Commonwealth Government to resettle the additional 12,000 refugees fleeing the humanitarian crisis.

Get Involved

As well as the work that state government agencies and settlement service providers do to support refugee families to settle in NSW, other non-government organisations, community groups and charities are also working to support and assist refugees - however, they need your help.

Opportunities exist for all members of the NSW community to get involved, and to volunteer their time, skills or experience to help welcome refugees to NSW. Big or small, your contribution can help make a difference to the lives of refugees living in our community.

Register your help

Please fill out this form to register your interest in helping refugees settle in NSW. Please note donations of food and offers for accommodation are not needed at this time.

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Please tick all options that apply. Your offer of assistance will be referred to an appropriate settlement service provider in your area, who will be able to link you with appropriate volunteering opportunities
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