What's new in the Vision

The Vision Refresh outlines new trends, emerging sectors and industries that will deliver jobs and long-term economic prosperity across regional NSW.

Peel Street, Tamworth, NSW

Preparing regional communities for economic uncertainty

A key finding in the Vision Refresh is that all economies – international, national and local – need to be ready to respond to greater levels of economic and social uncertainty. The updated analysis reflects the unique challenges faced by regional communities from a changing climate, rising geopolitical tensions and the unknown long-term impacts of COVID-19. 

Emerging sectors

Advanced manufacturing 

NSW is home to highly innovative and world class manufacturers. The NSW Government is investing in the robust manufacturing sector to encourage cross-sectoral linkages for sustainable economic growth.

Renewable energy and gas

The NSW Government is working toward a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy future that supports a growing economy, giving energy-intensive industries such as manufacturing the certainty to set up in regional locations. 

Technology-enabled primary industries

Boosting internet capacity and extending access to mobile services that will improve connectivity and lift productivity and growth in regional businesses.

Future industries

Critical minerals

Technological change is driving global demand for critical minerals and, as demand grows, there are significant economic opportunities for NSW.


Regional NSW's offering spans outback, country, coastal, island and subtropical regions and is home to sites of unique Aboriginal cultural and historical significance. 

Recycling and waste management

NSW Government is investigating opportunities to grow regional NSW's circular economy, leveraging the availability of lower cost land and a rapidly changing global waste management system.

High quality food products

Regional NSW's highly productive farmland and diverse growing conditions indicate opportunities to maximise the potential of the state’s agricultural production by driving value add in the food technology sector.

New investment areas

Visitor economy infrastructure

To support regional economies to leverage their existing endowments to attract additional visitors, focusing on eco-tourism and place-based investments.

Affordable and accessible energy

To induce investment in manufacturing and other energy intensive industry, including support for domestic gas as well as continued support for Renewable Energy Zones.

50 new priorities

To accelerate economic potential through investments in common user infrastructure, digital connectivity, tourism, education and skills, and major place-based investments such as Special Activation Precincts and Renewable Energy Zones.

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