Flavours from the bush

Tempting recipes created to showcase delicious ingredients sourced from Buy Regional's food producers.

Jug and glasses full of cut fruit and mocktail mix

'Can't Adult Today' iced tea mojito mocktail

Whether you're lounging by the pool or relaxing at home, this tea-infused mocktail is the perfect refresher.
Ball of cheese on a platter, covered in pomegranate seeds

Entertaining Laballe

Perfect for entertaining in a hurry, this recipe uses Labelle, a yoghurt cheese with a deliciously smooth texture.
Prawns with lime, chilli and tomatoes

Prawns with Linda’s Sweet Chilli Relish

This party plate has all the colours of summer and you can easily substitute the prawns with barbecued chicken or pork skewers.
Bowl of salad with prawns

Prawn salad with Mr Pye’s dressing

This salad is made with Mr Pye’s Black Garlic Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar Dressing, a sweet surprise with hints of liquorice.
Salmon on a plate served with salad

Salmon with pistachio dukkah

If you're in the mood for something light to eat, try this fresh, fantastic salmon recipe.
Steamed fish with lemon myrtle spices

Lemon myrtle steamed fish

Lemon myrtle is a unique rainforest plant with a divine fragrance. Fresh or ground, the dried leaf has endless applications and it teams beautifully with fish.
Topi Roast Chicken

Chilli, lime and black pepper roast chicken

This low-fuss roast chicken recipe has a zing and kick that's sure to impress family or friends.
Roast beef on platter with veggies

Spring Hill roast beef

A good Sunday roast can be one of the hardest challenges, so here’s how to pull it off to perfection.
Leg of ham being carved

Mustard seed glazed ham

This recipe has been passed down country families for generations – it's granny's secret way to make the juiciest ham ever.
An aerial view of dukkah crusted lamb

Spiced pecan dukkah lamb cutlets

Make lamb cutlets that pack a punch by giving them a pecan dukkah crust – for a sophisticated take on lamb schnitzel.
Cooked, glazed lamb roast with meat thermometer

Crowley’s glazed lamb leg with sweet chilli mint salad

Flavour first, heat second. This sauce adds just enough spicy heat and sweetness to balance with the robust roast flavours.
Bowl of spaghetti with pasta sauce

Super easy tomato pasta sauce

Use Gibson's Grove extra virgin olive for its full flavour in this simple sauce. Throw in Gibson's olives for extra punch.
Cooked beef pie with slice taken

Chunky steak pie

Better tasting meat is just the beginning – this family sized pie is guaranteed to be a crowd favourite.
Large dish of cooked lasagne

Family lasagna

If you need to feed a crowd, lasagna does the trick and this recipe will stretch to a couple of meals.
Ice-cream cake decorated with cherries and cream

Decadent ice-cream cake

A gourmet, adult equivalent to a chocolate ice-cream sandwich.
Pavlova dessert topped with berries

Pukara Estate Balsamic Pavlova

Freshness, flavour and premium quality ingredients set this simple dessert apart.
Ice-cream sandwich with dramatic decoration

Malted black garlic ice-cream

These seemingly uncanny companions create a surprisingly tangy yet creamy dessert that's deliciously moreish.
Ice-cream in a glass with cherry coulis and fresh cherries

Cherry coulis

Nothing says summer like a bowl of lush cherries and you can add cherry cheer to ice-cream to take it to the next level.
Banana bread on a cutting board

Superbee Honey banana bread

Use top drawer Australian Iron Bark honey in this recipe – it’s beautifully mellow and is a favourite flavour booster in baking.
Cake with icing and blackberry coulis

Blackberry spice cake with mascarpone

Delicious cake with blackberries and cinnamon, topped with spiced mascarpone then drizzled with blackberry coulis.
Funki Munki Quinoa Slice small cropped

Puffed quinoa chocolate slice

A guilt free midweek pick me up, this slice is easy to make and a perfect on-the-go snack.
Pink bowl with sliced banana, nuts and coconut

Beetroot smoothie bowl

Get energised this festive season by adding veggie powder to this deliciously sweet breakfast bowl of goodness.
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