Mustard seed glazed ham

This recipe has been passed down country families for generations – it's granny's secret way to make the juiciest ham ever.

Leg of ham being carved



  1. Heat the oven to 160°C (320°F). Remove most of the fat from the top of the leg using a sharp knife. Try to keep the top fat in one whole piece to keep the ham moist when you cook it in the oven. Score remaining fat on the ham in a pretty pattern to create grooves that can collect the good stuff, the topping.
  2. Pour golden syrup to cover the top of the ham. Place ham in oven and heat till it’s nice and sticky. In a bowl combine brown sugar, breadcrumbs and mustard powder. Granny says at this stage add a tin of chopped pineapple pieces and keep the juice. The pineapple pieces should moisten the breadcrumb mix.
  3. Pull the ham out of the oven and cover with the breadcrumb mixture. A little extra breadcrumb and a little extra sugar. Use a spoon and scoop up any extra golden syrup from the tray to spoon over the crumb mix. Pour the remaining pineapple juice and a splash of water into your baking tray to keep your ham moist as you baste. Continue to baste mixture back over the ham every 20 minutes for 2 hours. 

Granny's hints 

Don't be stingy on the topping. Make extra breadcrumb and sugar mix as there's never too much topping. 

Keep an eye on the ham as it cooks, taste at every opportunity presented and make sure you're on serving duty when it's carving time.

If you’re short on time or don’t want the breadcrumbs, simply mix a full jar of chunky orange marmalade, a heaped teaspoon of seeded mustard and a quarter cup brandy in a jar. Shake well and pour over scored ham. Cook and baste as above for two hours. 


This recipe serves 6. 

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