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Part of the adventure of living and working in regional towns is the journey to get there. There are many resources available with information on how to travel to your new work destination, temporary and longer-term accommodation options, and plenty of ideas to fill out your social calendar. 

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Where you stay can be part of the adventure too. Some farms have accommodation on-site, but others don’t.


Whilst checking out the accommodation options below, remember a gap year is all about the experience. Why not consider travelling and sleeping in a van, there are many travel sites to check out to start your new van-life.  Or maybe you can buy a swag and camp out under the stars along the way. 


If you have friends or family living in the regions, why not ask if you can stay with them while you’re finding your feet in a new town. 

Make the local visitor information centre (PDF 136.5KB) your first stop to talk to real people with on the ground experience. These knowledgeable people will give you all the tips on the best places to stay, the hidden gems to visit and where to get the best pub food in town. And, if you like to be prepared, why not give them a call for advice when you are planning your trip.

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