Holiday Break program

Young people are an essential part of vibrant regional communities. The Holiday Break program provides young people aged 12 - 24 years with opportunities to connect, socialise, and have fun during the school holidays by delivering a range of free and subsidised activities across regional NSW. The program is funded by the Office for Regional Youth.

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Eligible regional NSW councils and other organisations are encouraged to apply for funding to deliver events as part of the Holiday Break program. Applications must address the geographical, financial and accessibility barriers that impact the ability of young people in regional NSW to participate in social and recreational activities within their local communities. 

Applications for Summer Holiday Break have now closed

    Key dates for Summer Holiday Break

    Activities delivered between: Wednesday 21 December 2022 – Sunday 5 February 2023

    Outcomes report due: 17 February 2023

    Eligible applicants

    Eligible applicants include:

    Program information and resources

    Getting support

    For more information and support with your application, please contact

    Holiday Break program FAQs

    How much funding am I eligible for?

    Eligible councils and other organisations can apply for up to $15,000.

    Which councils are eligible to apply?
    What is the closing date for applications?

    Applications for Summer Holiday Break funding closed at 9am on Monday 31 October 2022.

    How do I submit an application for funding?

    Applicants can complete and submit a proposal using the SmartyGrants portal.

    What activities can be funded?

    New or enhanced social or recreational activities, events, services or programs for young people aged 12-24 years during the Summer school holidays. 

    Examples of eligible activities:

    • youth concerts and music events
    • sports and recreational activities
    • creative and cultural activities
    • dance / disco events
    • art and theatre workshops
    • outdoor activities 
    • water-based sporting and sight-seeing activities 
    • science, technology and gaming activities
    When do activities need to be delivered?

    Activities are to be delivered between Wednesday 21 December 2022 and Sunday 5 February 2023.

    Who are the priority groups of young people that not-for-profit organisations must deliver activities to?

    Activities delivered by not-for-profits must target one of the priority groups of young people identified below:

    • Aboriginal young people
    • young people that are carers
    • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse young people
    • young people from a refugee background
    • LGBTIQA+ young people
    • young people living with a disability
    • young people experiencing socio-economic disadvantage.
    How long does it take to receive funding?

    Applications will be assessed within 10 working days, unless otherwise advised. Once an application is approved, applicants will receive an email notification.

    Successful applicants will receive a notification and link via email to complete a funding deed. Payments will be released after the execution of the funding deed.

    Due to high volumes of funding deeds, requests are considered in order of receipt. 

    Should my invoice be inclusive or exclusive of GST?

    Invoices from local councils should be exclusive of GST. 

    Invoices from not-for-profits can include GST. 

    What do I do if the scope of activities changes between application and completion?

    Amendments to proposed activities will not be accommodated. However, should an event be impacted by COVID-19 or natural disasters, the guidelines permit a change of dates as long as delivery occurs within the NSW school holiday period.

    If you are unable to deliver activities as detailed in the Funding Deed, please advise both the Grants Management Office at, and the Office for Regional Youth at as soon as possible.

    Can I deliver activities outside of the school holidays?

    Funds must be expended on activities as part of the Summer 2022/23 school holidays. 

    Why isn’t my council eligible for funding?

    Councils within the Greater Sydney Area, Newcastle LGA and Wollongong LGA are ineligible for funding as they are outside of the program scope.

    How do I include reference to NSW Government support in media and promotions?

    The ‘proudly supported by NSW Government’ logo is available in the guidelines. Further queries regarding media opportunities can be referred to

    I am having difficulty signing and witnessing my funding deed. What can I do?

    Funding deeds need to be printed, signed and returned. Funding deeds can be signed by authorised staff at the council/organisation or a person at the council/organisation with delegation. Funding deeds cannot be electronically signed as legal documents but they can be witnessed virtually.

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