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Community Leaders Forum

The NRRC holds a regular Community Leaders Forum with local MPs and Mayors to help guide future decisions about recovery and reconstruction and so discussions are informed by community needs and driven by local community leaders. Summaries of the meetings reflect the views of those community leaders and are not to be considered as Government policy unless otherwise specifically stated. These summaries are being shared to provide the local community with transparent information about the ongoing recovery program in the Northern Rivers.

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Meeting Summary - 24 August 2023

Meeting Agenda – 7 September 2023

Meeting Summary – 7 September 2023

Meeting summaries

The NRRC Advisory Board was established on 2 July 2022 and held its first meeting on Friday 5 August 2022. Following the transition of the NRRC to the NSW Reconstruction Authority, the NRRC Board was dissolved on Wednesday 16 August 2023. For more information visit the NSW Reconstruction Authority



Introduction to the Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation 10 February 2023


Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation & St Bernard Project collaboration


Northern Rivers Reconstruction Industry Conference. 27 April 2023


The Living Lab

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