Farms of the Future

The NSW Government has committed $48 million for an expanded Farms of the Future program.

Farms of the Future


The expanded program follows the Farms of the Future pilot that showcased the benefits and opportunities agricultural technology (ag tech) can deliver on three farms in Blayney, Narromine and Coonamble.

Aim of the program

The Farms of the Future program will deliver on-farm connectivity and encourage farmers to adopt ag tech to boost productivity and improve resource management, including water efficiency and drought preparedness.

The program is part of the Future Ready Regions strategy, that lays out the government’s plans to support and work with regional communities, farmers and industries, enabling them to become more self-reliant and better prepared for the impacts of future drought events and other economic shocks.

How will the program run?

The program will run in stages and be rolled out across five regions.

The first step will be to construct and operate a Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) in the five target regions. LoRaWAN connectivity enables communication across wide geographical areas, like farms, and complements existing mobile and broadband services.

In 2022 a grants program for farmers to purchase ag tech devices and applications, will be run. A training and support program will also be run to build industry capacity via a ‘Train the Trainer’ model to increase supplier and farmer digital capability and confidence to use the technology on-farm.

Want to learn more?

A series of webinars and virtual field days were held during the pilot program to showcase the various technologies available and present insights from the pilot farms.

To learn more, a range of digital resources including the webinar series, are available here.

Next steps

Further details regarding the program and target regions will follow in the coming months. The expanded $48 million Farms of the Future program is in addition to the $400 million Regional Digital Connectivity program.

For more information on the Regional Digital Connectivity program or Farms of the Future, please contact the Department of Regional NSW at or

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