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Narrabri Special Activation Precinct

Investigations are underway for a potential Narrabri Special Activation Precinct, which would leverage opportunities brought about by the Narrabri Gas Project, to attract investment and create new jobs.



Plans for Narrabri

Special Activation Precincts consider a range of benefits for target industries including streamlined planning approvals, enabling infrastructure and business concierge support.

For a potential Narrabri precinct this means energy-intensive industries and manufacturers, such as plastics, fertilisers and construction material producers, could confidently set-up in Narrabri, have access to commercial quantities of domestic gas, and create new jobs for the region. 

Industry and employment opportunities

A Narrabri precinct would be a thriving energy hub that will target industries including: 

  • Value-added production
  • Manufacturing
  • Freight and logistics.

It will also leverage key infrastructure such as the Inland Rail to give investors access to global supply chains and markets.

Next steps

The NSW Government will work closely with the local council on its investigations which include technical studies and master planning to define the scope of the precinct including size and exact location. 

Community members and landowners will have an opportunity to contribute and provide feedback during this process to help shape the vision for this exciting potential project throughout 2021. 

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