Namoi Regional Job Precinct

The Namoi Regional Job Precinct will focus on improvements in planning to support the sustainable growth of intensive agriculture and livestock production.

Cattle on farmland outside Armidale

Plans for the Namoi Region

As one of the largest producers of poultry, lamb and beef in NSW, the Namoi Region, comprising of Tamworth, Gwydir, Gunnedah, Liverpool Plains and Walcha local government areas, is set to benefit further from opportunities to support the growth of the intensive agriculture sector and livestock production. 

A Namoi Regional Job Precinct will focus on the region’s strengths in the agriculture industry by identifying locations that will support industry growth while maintaining the region’s amenity.

This will be done through improvements to the local planning framework and better collaboration across different parts of state and local government.

Next steps

The NSW Government will work with the Agricultural Commissioner, Namoi Regional Organisation of Councils, local businesses and communities to determine the boundary for the Regional Job Precinct investigation area.

Current and future demand for the intensive agriculture sector will require further analysis and identifying land use planning issues to find a balance between stakeholders and growing communities will be a priority.  

Community members will have the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the process. Updates on upcoming community engagement opportunities will be communicated across local council and NSW Government communication channels

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