Fees and concessions for boat and vessel registration

How much does it cost to register a boat or other vessel in NSW? Find out fees for registration, Boatcode Agents, personalised registration numbers and more.

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Registration and renewal fees and concessions

Fees are for 12-month registration. GST doesn’t apply. Renewal payments can be made via: BPAY, phone, mail, or over the counter at service centres.

Type Amount
Initial registration and renewal $68 for vessels up to 3 metres, then $10 for every extra half metre. Maximum cost of $683 for any vessel length.

Initial registration and renewal – Concession

(see below for concession eligibility)

$33 for vessels up to 3 metres, then $5 per half metre.

Maximum cost of $683 for any vessel length.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) $346

Personal Watercraft (PWC) – Concession

(see below for eligibility)


For advice on registration, see Registration and Renewal pages.

Concession eligibility

Concession holders get 50% off the cost of registration and renewal fees.

You're eligible for this if you:

  • hold one of the following:
    • NSW Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)
    • DVA Gold card endorsed with:
      • TPI (Totally & Permanently Incapacitated)
      • EDA (Extreme Disablement Adjustment)
      • war widow/er.
  • have evidence from the DVA confirming:
    • you receive a disability pension of 70% or higher or an intermediate pension, or
    • you've been assessed at 50 or more impairment points.

Transfer registration

An application for transfer of vessel registration (PDF, 205.52 KB) must be completed by mail or in person at a service centre within 14 days of purchasing or acquiring a vessel, or a late application fee will be charged.

Type Amount

Transfer of vessel registration other than to a dealer

(provided vessel has current registration status)


Late transfer

(you need to pay this on top of the transfer cost if the transfer transaction is processed more than 14 days after the vessel was purchased)

Transfer of vessel registration to a dealer in vessels for sale $20

For advice on transferring, see Transfer registration.

Personalised registration numbers

Download and complete the Application to Personalise an Existing Vessel Registration (PDF, 1.4 MB) to apply for a personalised registration number.

Type Amount
Personalised registration $192

Reserve personalised registration

(for example, if you'd like to transfer its use to another vessel)


For advice on getting personalised registration numbers, see What to display on your vessel.

Replacing a registration certificate

Type Amount
Replacement certificate $21

Boatcode fees (pay to Boatcode Agents)

See Boatcode Agents for more information.

Type Amount
Affix new HIN $92 (incl GST)
HIN verification $92 (incl GST)
New Agent Establishment Fee $1,314
HIN Plates – set of 20 $154
HIN Certificates – pad of 50 $34
Transfer of Boatcode Agency $345

The Boatcode Agent may charge additional fees for travel time and expenses.

Arrange this with the Boatcode Agent before they provide the service. If you believe you've been overcharged, please contact Transport for NSW (Maritime) Info Line on 13 12 36, 8:30am to 4:30pm, 7 days a week.


There are penalties for operating an unregistered vessel, failing to display a proper registration number, and failing to notify Transport for NSW of a transfer of a vessel, including PWC.

See Penalties for boating offences.

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