Conditions of use and reporting misuse

Know the rules for using NSW and Australian disability parking permits. Penalties apply for misuse.

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Permit conditions

These conditions apply to current NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permits and Australian Disability Parking Scheme permits. Conditions of use are on the application form and supplied with your permit.

Also see Conditions of use for individuals (PDF, 332.45 KB) and Conditions of use for organisations (PDF, 251.15 KB).

Heavy fines apply for stopping in spaces reserved for people with disabilities, or using a permit that infringes its conditions of use.

Misused permits can be cancelled.

Rules for displaying your permit

The permit must:

  • be inserted and displayed in the plastic sleeve of the Australian Disability Parking permit provided to you
  • only be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder
  • not be used to run errands for the permit holder when that person is not being transported
  • be displayed unobscured on the left hand (passenger) side of the vehicle, on either the windscreen or any window
  • be placed in an area where the whole of the permit can be viewed from outside the vehicle
  • have sides marked ‘THIS SIDE UP’ or ‘DISPLAY THIS SIDE’ facing outward
  • be attached to the vehicle by any method that does not obscure any of the permit details or the vision of the driver.

You can see a photo of the correct way to display and read more in How to display your disability parking permit.

Permit validity and expiry

  • Parking concessions available under the Mobility Parking Scheme are only valid at on-street or council-operated car parks.
  • To park in a designated disability parking space in a private car park, you must display your valid Mobility Parking Scheme permit and pay any applicable fees.
  • If the permit is used in another state or territory, it may be used in accordance with their prevailing parking concessions.

The permit:

  • is valid until the date of expiry, unless it’s revoked
  • can no longer be used once it expires – it must be renewed and a current permit displayed for access to disability parking concessions
  • must be returned to a registry or service centre on expiry, if it’s revoked, or as soon as its use is no longer required
  • must not be reproduced, copied, defaced, altered or destroyed
  • is not valid if reproduced, copied, defaced or otherwise altered or where one or more of the details on the permit are illegible – such as card number or expiry date
  • may be confiscated by an authorised officer and/or revoked by Transport for NSW for misuse or breach of any of these conditions of use
  • is subject to other such conditions that may be imposed by Transport for NSW.

Forgot to display a permit?

Make sure you keep your parking permits with you if you plan to use a disability parking space.

Even if you have a permit, fines apply if you do not display it on the vehicle when stopping or parking in a reserved space.

Illegal use of permits

You can report illegal use of Mobility Parking Scheme permits by:

We accept reports where:

  • you know a permit holder and allege they do not have a disability. We will assess the complaint and investigate when appropriate.
  • you see a person who doesn’t appear to have a disability using a permit. We will assess the complaint and investigate when appropriate.
  • you believe a medical practitioner has incorrectly approved a permit. We will consult with the appropriate medical body.

We cannot accept anonymous calls. If you call or email a report, you need to provide your personal contact details, and details of the alleged misuse of the permit.

You should provide the Mobility Parking Scheme permit number or the name of the permit holder. We may not be able to properly identify the holder of the permit, or investigate the complaint without these details.

Complaints about medical practitioners

To lodge a complaint about medical practitioners, the practitioner’s provider number should also be included, if known.

People without permits parking in disability parking spaces

If you see someone committing a parking offence by stopping in a space reserved for people with disability without displaying a valid permit, report it directly to the relevant enforcement officers.

This may be the local council for parking offences in public areas such as streets or council operated car parks.

See the Office of Local Government website for help in identifying the right local council.

Private car parks and shopping centres

For possible parking offences in privately operated car parks or shopping centres, report the issue to the manager.

Conditions of use in community languages

You can find conditions of use information in these 15 community languages.

Some documents on this page may not comply with accessibility requirements (WCAG). If you are having trouble accessing information in these documents, please contact us.


This information is for organisations which use a disability parking permit to transport people with disability.

See MPS Conditions of Use - Organisations (PDF, 251.15 KB) and Organisation permit register and log book (RTF, 167.88 KB).

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