Cost of a disability parking permit

Learn about costs, concessions and fines related to the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme.

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Getting a permit

A NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit lets you park in disability parking places. You can also access certain parking concessions.

The NSW permit entitles you to an Australian Disability Parking Permit at no extra cost. See Applying for a permit for how to apply.

You may be eligible for a free NSW permit. See Am I eligible for a concession?

Costs of permits, renewals, replacements

Please check our fees page for updates on the cost of applyling for or renewing a NSW permit.

It's free for eligible concession card holders to apply for or renew an Individual or Temporary permit. There's a small fee for replacing a permit.

For others, there is a cost for applying for, and renewing a permit. This includes individual, temporary and organisation permits. See fees.

Am I eligible for a concession?

You’re eligible for a free or discounted disability parking permit if you're a NSW resident with a valid pension card for the scheme. See Concessions and discounts.

You're not eligible for a NSW permit concession if you're:

  • a NSW Health Care Card holder applying for a replacement card
  • an interstate-issued pensioner concession card holder.

Fines for misuse

There is a significant fine for using or displaying an invalid, expired or cancelled permit card. See Parking fines (PDF, 51.68 KB) for details.

If your card is invalid, cancelled or expired, you must return it to a service centre or post it to:

Drives Assurance
Transport for NSW
PO Box 3035
Parramatta NSW 2124


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