Eligibility for a disability parking permit

Are you eligible for a disability parking permit in NSW? To confirm eligibility, you need a medical report from a doctor or specialist.

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Proving you're eligible

Do you have a medical condition or disability that affects your walking or vision? If so, you may be eligible for a NSW Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit.

The permit lets you park in disability parking spaces and access certain concessions.

When you apply for a permit, you need to prove you're eligible. If someone else applies on your behalf, they also need to prove you're eligible.

Get a medical report

To confirm you're eligible for a permit, you need to provide medical proof of your eligibility.  This medical check helps ensure people don't misuse the permit.

To do this, book an appointment with a medical doctor or specialist. Do this when you first apply for a permit. You may also need to do this when you renew your permit.

When you go to the doctor, take a Mobility parking scheme application form (PDF, 727.74 KB). Your doctor will complete and sign the medical section of the form.

You can download (PDF, 727.74 KB) the form, collect one from a service centre or complete it online.

See Applying for a permit for more details.

What criteria is used?

Doctors and other medical specialists use medical criteria to assess your eligibility for a permit.

They will check if you have a restricted walking ability. This may be due to a medical condition, injury or disability.

They will check if you:

  • have a permanent or temporary loss of use of one or both legs
  • have another permanent medical or physical condition that means your physical condition is detrimentally affected as a result of walking 100 metres
  • require the use of crutches, a walking frame, callipers, scooter, wheelchair or other similar mobility aid
  • are permanently blind (as defined by Australian Government).

If your doctor feels you don't meet the eligibility criteria, we can't issue you with a permit.

Also see Information for health professionals – Certifying mobility parking applications.

Permanent and clinically recognised disabilities

When you first apply for a permit, we record on our system if you have a permanent disability. This is also known as a clinically recognisable disability.

This means you may not need to provide proof of eligibility again when you renew a permit.

Permanent and clinically recognised disabilities include neurodegenerative disorders, paraplegia and cerebral palsy. See Declaring a clinically recognised disability (Service NSW).

What else you may need from your doctor

If you need assistance

Contact Service NSW or call 13 77 88.


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